Welcome to Pride Edinburgh

Sometimes the words “thank you” are never enough to sum up the feelings we at pride Edinburgh have following Saturday’s amazing pride scotia March and pride Edinburgh festival.

It was our biggest March in our 21 year history as thousands of people from Across the rainbow spectrum joined together in the universal message that love is love!

We hope you enjoyed the day! And as we take a well earned rest we will be back in September looking for new team members and announcing the 2017 pride date!

May you all keep the message of yesterday burning bright throughout the years ahead that love is love and together anything is possible.


Brett Herriot

Chair Pride Edinburgh.


What was on at Pride 2016

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fair  family




Pride Edinburgh is proud to be partnering with SX Scotland which brings together a new support service for Sex Health and Wellbeing for Gay and Bisexual Men from across Edinburgh. s-x